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How Businesses Use Push-to-Talk to Communicate Efficiently

One of the best use cases for push-to-talk technology is for businesses. Organizations of all sizes have something to gain from the instant communication opportunity push-to-talk technology provides.

When it comes to achieving goals for your business, it’s important to choose the right tools for the job. Push-to-talk is a scaleable solution for businesses in many different verticals, especially those with a mobile workforce.

Here’s how push-to-talk technology can help make a business communicate more efficiently across their entire organization.

Quick and Reliable Communication

Push-to-talk-technology allows an organization to have quick dialogue with their employees without having to type a message or have a full conversation. An employee simply has to press a button and speak to deliver important messaging to a coworker.

The average phone call today typically lasts a minute and 40 seconds, which can get cut-down to a 30 second conversation by communicating with push-to-talk.

A push-to-talk service like Prip is essential for a business looking for the assurance and support of a reliable communications tool since it’s built by Motorola and available to over 11 million Nextel users.

Increased Productivity of a Mobile Workforce

For a company with a mobile workforce, push-to-talk technology helps increase productivity by cutting down communication time dramatically. This allows remote workers to focus on the tasks they’re trying to complete as opposed to working around phone calls or emails.

Prip and other push-to-talk services allow supervisors to quickly and easily communicate with their various teams active in the field with real-time information on what they should be aware of.

The added productivity of real-time communication allows an organization to be more strategic about what locations their team member’s service, since updates on traffic and proximity to other staff can be delivered quickly and easily.

For example, Joe Arévalo & Associates, Ltd is a Prip customer that due to the nature of his business is concerned with keeping the right information flowing to ensure their products are shipped correctly and on time in order to maintain a competitive advantage.

“Prip helps us keep the lines of communication open and flowing. With Prip we have instant communications with our drivers. No waiting for dialing, ringing, and for them to answer. We can communicate instantly at the touch of screen,” said Joe Arévalo, the business owner.

Consolidating Operations

Many organizations have difficulty coordinating their efforts across the various devices needed to complete their daily tasks.

Push-to-talk technology helps a business to consolidate mobile devices, GPS, pagers, paperwork, walkie-talkies and more to allow for streamlined communication across your team.

Some communications don’t require a response, therefore remote workers can simply confirm a message and continue forward completing their responsibilities in a timely manner.

Offsets Costs

Using push-to-talk technology for your business is extremely affordable with low monthly fees, as compared to equipping your business with plans for mobile devices, walkie-talkies and similar devices.

Small and medium size businesses can afford the monthly fee to help improve communication across their organizations, while a large organization with a vast workforce can scale with this affordable pricing without incurring exponential costs for the business.

The offset operational and capital expenses you’re able to avoid by using this technology are well worth the switch, since your lines of communication are more structured and the ability to delegate tasks and avoid roadblocks is more streamlined.

Support for Large Groups

Push-to-talk technology can support the needs of large groups of users, which makes a scalable platform for organizations with many employees.

When your company employs a team of remote workers, push-to-talk services like Prip can support the use of your workforce through the reliability of the Nextel network.

Since Prip works on Android and Apple devices, it’s widely available for download on most types of phones for your employees to easily utilize on behalf of your organization.

Prip also allows the addition of multiple lines on one account, ideal for businesses of all sizes looking for a seamless way to manage the use of the Prip app among it’s workforce.

How does your business currently communicate across the company and with remote teams? What advantages of push-to-talk technology do you think will have the greatest impact on your business? Comment below to share your thoughts on the subject.

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Sharing more of life’s moments in real time. A Story of Prip at Sea.

We love receiving emails, blog post replies and Tweets telling us how our customers are using Prip for both business and for simply staying in touch with family and friends. The other day, we received a special email from a very satisfied Prip user who told us how he used Prip to stay in touch with his elderly mother while she was on a long-distance cruise.  Let us know how you’re using Prip. Who knows? Your story could end up in our next blog post

“My 81 years “young” mother has just embarked on a very unusual 30-day cruise that originates from Cape Town, South Africa and ends in Singapore, with many stops along the way. Because she is not too savvy regarding communications, especially when traveling outside the U.S., I helped her figure out exactly what to do. Before her trip, I contacted the cruise line to find out more information regarding any Wi-Fi limitations. They informed me that Skype was not possible due to the limited

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Prip—New low price…Same great app!

If you’re a Prip Android users, chances are you have been with us since the very start. And now that Prip has great new features—and a great low price—we want to make sure our loyal Android users get both. Maybe you have already downloaded the newest version of Prip. With the latest version you can manage multiple lines, access a new login platform and best of all, use Prip for just $1.99 per month!

But to take advantage of these new features and lower price, you need to be sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of Prip.

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You spoke, we listened! Prip now offers multiple lines on one account.

We know Prip users love Prip. Through our Customer Support Forums and social media they’ve let us know they’re absolutely thrilled with Prip Push-to-Talk. They’re using Prip on their Android and iPhone devices to communicate instantly with friends, family and coworkers. Across town, across states, even across countries. And, the more they use it, they more they love Prip.

You asked for it… we delivered

It seemed, however, there was one feature missing for some people…and they let us know that as well! Multiple lines on one account. Customers like Joe Arévalo, who uses

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Prip App available for iPhone

The Prip team is incredibly excited to announce Prip for the iPhone!  It is extremely gratifying to deliver what our Prip PTT enthusiasts have been asking for daily: instant real-time push to talk on iOS.  We know, we know, iOS finally.  There were several steps that needed to occur before we could launch the iOS app. 

Prip new low priceThe first Prip app on Android was tightly tied to Google Play for credential and billing management.  If we were to launch an app on iOS, we would need to take a fresh look at how we manage your PTT credentials and billing.  This meant moving to an entirely new platform to enable us to support customers regardless of OS.  Now, Prip users on Android or iOS can take their PTT number with them, whether they log onto an Android device or an iPhone.  An additional benefit of this platform is that it provides support for business customers in a way that neither Google Play nor the Apple App Store can accommodate.  Business customers now have a dashboard to administer their employees PTT accounts, whether they have 2 or 2,000 PTT numbers.

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Prip PTT App now has new features and a new lower price

Prip new low priceHappy New Year from the Prip team! And, what better way to start the New Year than with an improved Prip experience and a new lower price? We are excited to announce a new account management platform, and a new $1.99/month price. With our new platform, we have moved away from Google Play for account management and are sharing the savings with you, our customers. The new lower price is available for new and existing customers. Current customers will keep their PTT number and if you are still within your free trial period, don’t worry, when you migrate to the new platform you will not be charged for the first 31 days. So, go ahead, download the new app, and complete your information on the new platform!

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Prip gives U.S. Customs Broker a competitive advantage.

We know those of us who work on the Prip application are very excited about bringing the first true Push-to-Talk application to the United States, so we were thrilled to hear how the app is helping give our customers a true competitive advantage.  Recently we had the opportunity to speak with Prip user Joe Arévalo, to learn how Push-to-Talk is helping his business communicate efficiently and effectively. Here are some highlights from our conversation:

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What is so special about #33?

Open up Prip, tap the settings icon (3 vertical dots), select “My Info,” and look under the “PTT” heading.  There, you will find your PTT number.  Everyone in the US will find that their PTT number begins with the number 33.  In PTT parlance, this is called your “urban.”

prip and the number 33

So, why did we select 33?

What is the significance of 33? The repetition of the “3” certainly makes it memorable. Maybe, it was chosen randomly or was the only number available. Or perhaps, there was more to this selection. What do we know about the number 33? A human spine has 33 vertebrae and 33 is the temperature at which water boils according to the Newton scale. But we’re not scientists.

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Prip: Bringing the U.S. & Mexico closer




There are many things that identify us as a company. During the time we’ve been operating in Mexico, we have built our own identity thanks to the things we have achieved and because of the way in which we have achieved them. In a relatively short time, we have become one of the main competitors in one of the most dynamic industries in our country.

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Prip: Trayendo los EE.UU. y México más cerca




Hay muchas cosas que nos identifican como compañía. Durante el tiempo que hemos estado presentes en México, hemos alcanzado una identidad propia gracias a lo que hemos logrado y a cómo lo hemos alcanzado. En relativamente poco tiempo, nos hemos convertido en uno de los principales competidores de una de las industrias más dinámicas en nuestro país.

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