Prip App available for iPhone

The Prip team is incredibly excited to announce Prip for the iPhone!  It is extremely gratifying to deliver what our Prip PTT enthusiasts have been asking for daily: instant real-time push to talk on iOS.  We know, we know, iOS finally.  There were several steps that needed to occur before we could launch the iOS app. 

Prip new low priceThe first Prip app on Android was tightly tied to Google Play for credential and billing management.  If we were to launch an app on iOS, we would need to take a fresh look at how we manage your PTT credentials and billing.  This meant moving to an entirely new platform to enable us to support customers regardless of OS.  Now, Prip users on Android or iOS can take their PTT number with them, whether they log onto an Android device or an iPhone.  An additional benefit of this platform is that it provides support for business customers in a way that neither Google Play nor the Apple App Store can accommodate.  Business customers now have a dashboard to administer their employees PTT accounts, whether they have 2 or 2,000 PTT numbers.

While we were working on the new Prip store, we were also working side by side with Motorola to develop and test an alpha version of the app.  This time, Hadi and I were not testing the app in Peru taxicabs (and sadly, not drinking Pisco Sours), the team tested between the US and Mexico, within Mexico, and within the US.  Once we got the Prip iOS app to a level that we felt we could share with a subset of our customers, we launched the Prip iPhone beta trial.

We can’t thank our iPhone beta trial customers enough.  The beta trial was very successful.  We filled the trial in a few short days.  For those that participated, we took your comments to heart and are weighing what exciting new things we plan to deliver in the coming months.

We are as excited as when we first launched the app and hope you like Prip for iPhone as much as we do.

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  1. THIAGO says:

    Hello I am Brazilian, and we are very unhappy with the delay in the launch of the PRIP-NEXTEL.

  2. Esuardo Velez says:

    I used prip PTT when i have android but today with the same career I didnt used this becouse my I Phone dont have PTT. It wil be nice to know much about this

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