Payment and Cancellation Questions

How do I pay for Prip?

Prip is offered as a monthly or an annual subscription service. When you create a new Prip Account on the web site or in the mobile application, you will be asked for your billing information.

Do I need to sign a contract?

No need to sign any contract.  Prip is offered on a monthly or an annual basis.  Your subscription to Prip is paid at the beginning of every month/year, which will give you full access to Prip for that entire month/year.

Can I buy my subscription with gift cards or carrier billing?

Currently you can only purchase Prip with a credit card.

How do I cancel my Prip service?

Cancel via

  1. Go to and “log in”
  2. Go to My Account > Line Info > select the line(s) you want to cancel and click the “delete line” button.
  3. Confirm that you want to cancel the line(s). The selected lines will be marked to be deleted at the end of your current billing month.
  4. Note that an account will be cancelled if all lines are deleted

Note: Your service is fully paid up until the end of the current subscription period and will continue to work until the end of that period.
If you restore lines before the end of billing period your account will be re-activated and your subscription will continue

Can I keep my number if I discontinue my Prip subscription but plan to return in the future?

Prip numbers are assigned on a “first come, first served” basis. If you cancel your service then you will be assigned a new number when you come back.  We can’t guarantee that your Prip number will still be available as it may be in use by someone else.

Will I incur additional charges if I make international Prip calls?

  1. No.  You only pay one monthly recurring charge for use of the Prip application, whether you’re in Paris, GA or Paris, France.
  2. Keep in mind that your mobile carrier will charge you additional fees to use data in roaming.  Since Prip uses your data connection, your Prip usage will incur additional fees payable to your mobile carrier.  If you’d like to minimize these fees, use Prip over a WiFi connection.
  3. Prip uses about 100KB per minute